Love you Mom!

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Yesterday I was suffering from fever, from the morning.  With much difficulty I attended the duty and when I reached  the home I was almost exhausted.  My temperature has gone up.  I am not in a position to stand up and I told my wife to bring some medicines for me.  She did so.  In the mean time I thought that I will talk to my Mom over phone since she is with my brother in a far away place.  I called my Mom informed about my health condition.  She with a lot of frustration told me to visit the Doctor immediately and take very good care and if required she will visit me.   I took the medicine and took rest for about 2 hours.  When I got up I was almost recovered and it’s all because of the Prayers of my Mom, I can say.  

I though that I will inform her that I got recovered.  When I took the phone to call her, there was a call from her enquiring about my health. I got overwhelmed for the coincidence and with much excitement I spoke to her.  I am very proud to have such a caring and loving Mother.  She always thinks about us only and ignores her. When she is with me, I used to quarrel a lot with her and now I feel that I miss her a lot.  In my view Mother’s love for a child irrespective of their age cannot be compared or valued.  

May be there is nothing impressive in this story, but I felt that I was verymuch blessed to have such a caring and loving.  Here I recollect the song “one love for the mother’s pride….” 

Love you Mom!!  

Law of attraction!

Some 10 years back my confidence level was very low.  I was very shy and couldn’t see a person directly and speak.  There may be the reasons of its own for the situation.  I lost my job and I was told by my Ex-Boss that I am “emotionally imbalanced”. I am totally out of control at that time.  I don’t know how to survive and was worrying a lot.

During one of my wife’s relative marriage we used to visit Mumbai and we stayed there in one of my wife’s relatives place.  I was wondering how the people are enjoying life. I observed that they are very social and they lead life with lot of fun and joy.  I was impressed with the way they lead life with lot of joy.  I have decided that I will change myself and turn into a very optimistic way and enjoy the life with full of excitement.

After a period of two to three years we were introduced into a system which I found very interesting and that made me not only to enjoy the life but to teach others to be very optimistic about their future. Throughout the system it was taught that if you want to be successful you have to dream your destiny and always be optimistic.  And in one of the books, the ‘SECRET’ was revealed if you want to succeed in life, you have to think, speak, write, visualize what do you want in life and the universe will in return will fulfill your needs / dreams.  Henceforth, I started self-talk about the things I needed and it started working slowly.  God has created everything.  It is upto to you to decide what you need and not want you don’t need.  I have come across lot of people who always murmur that they couldn’t get this, if they might have been like somebody else their life will be full of colours, God is not in favour of them, fate etc.etc. .  I feel very sorry for their ignorance that they have everything in life but just because of the association and the impact of TV serials / Movies etc. they turned negative.

When I was writing this I was assuming that if everyone start following the ‘law of attraction’ how the future would be.  This ‘law of attraction’ if followed will do miracles whatever we dream and followed by a strong work ethic will be achieved without any doubt.

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